Reviews On The Best Pole Barn Plans

Pole Barn Plans – Pole Barn Design

June 21st, 2010

The simplest  pole barn is a structure of poles set that are set in concrete, with 3 or 4 walls, a roof and a dirt floor. But did you know there are literally thousands of pole barn designs out there? Pole barns are a great form of storage, they are strong and quite low cost. Thats’ why they are so popular even as a garden shed!

In case you weren’t aware, there are a couple of fairly common variations with pole barn designs:

1. Pole Barn Roof

There are generally 4 main types of roofing when it comes to pole barns:

The first type is called the Gambrel Roof (also known as the barn roof).  This is the type you should choose if you are looking for some storage in the loft area. But be aware they can be tricky to build if you are a beginner pole barn builder.

The second type is the Shed Roof. As the name implies, this pole barn roof  is a simple straight roof that angles backwards. This will mean a higher front wall compared with the back wall. This is a great pole barn for smaller areas.

The third style of pole barn has a Hip roof . This has a pyramid appearance with 4 sides, a low roof  and no gables. This type of pole barn is great for windy areas and is single story only.

Finally there is the Gable roof. This is really easy to build and has two equal sides going downward on either side of a center apex.

2. Pole Barn Floor

This is an important feature to consider with your new pole barn. What will you be using it for? You can choose from dirt, concrete and wood or wood only flooring.

If you are using your pole barn for livestock, a dirt floor will be fine. But you’ll need to use a concrete floor if you want to use the barn for some kind of storage. This is the cheapest and simplest option after a dirt floor. You can also choose a wooden floor for that authentic pole barn look.

3. Pole Barn Walls

Depending on climate, budget and tools, you can choose either wood, steel or prefab material. Have a good look at your surrounding environment and try to match your barn to existing buildings if possible. That way it will fit in well.